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Will this be available on steam one day too?!


hi! its available on steam now in the fiction #f3f collection :)

Is this the standalone version of the madvent calendar for hps1?

hey! Yes an expanded version, with a couple more worlds and multiple “endings” to find.


My Ears-

Great as usual! ^_^



This is an absolutely fascinating game - I'm very new to the Indie game scene so my frames of reference might be a bit off, but it has a real avant-garde experimental cinema feel to me (something like  Begotten (1989) or A Field in England (2013) ) . I've only found 2 glyphs so far, but I'm hooked - just wondering about the audio coming from the TV - I've managed to make out a few lines from Nietszche's Alzo Spracht Zarathustra, 'Wouldst thou go into isolation, my brother?' but the distortion cuts me off - has anyone been able to hear the whole thing?

Thank you so much!  Glad you enjoyed the experience :) Yes there's 5 glyphs and then the boat journey. Haha yes the broadcast is from Zarathustra, it's interrupted/spliced segments from it. If you've enjoyed this def recommend trying out the other titles, there's a bundle collection on steam that might be cheaper overall than purchasing the individual games. Haven't seen those movies yet thanks for the reccomendation :)

Thank you so much! I certainly will :)

Yep I Just Heard It--


Hard to see

The demo, launched on Haunted PS1's Madvent Calendar, was already confusing, but interesting. Now, with the full version, I can say that it remains confusing, but the story is very interesting. I got to get only 4 out of 5 glyphs. I really enjoyed the game. Keep it up!

Loved the video! Thanks for playing, yes the madvent release was a rough initial sketch haha, had a lot of fun expanding it last couple months :)


What a lovely game. I dig your style. I always enjoy checking out your strange creations. I was only able to find 3 glyphs but it was still fun just running around and looking at all the weirdness. Thanks for the fun!

Thank you so much, loved the video! Your channel's pretty cool, totally dig the jason approach haha keep it up!

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This game is just boring and feels like all you do is wander around a very messy boring world till you might happen upon something which would not be so bad if the area I was wondering was enjoyable but the terrian here looks to be the equivlent of wondering around one of those paintings where the artist just dipped his brush in paint and flug it at the canvas. Also there is no real clear objective laid out by the game and really you have no idea what to do or where you should be going it is all just bad boring. Also inside the one and only house I did find everything was so dark and looked like a camera out of focus so it was very ugiy to look at. this is just a bad game.


oh it’s a most definitely boring game of self introspection with no hand holding whatsoever, thanks for playing!




In all honesty I don't really understand how you think the landscapes are boring, I find them quite interesting to wander around and look at. But unlike most people on the internet I like letting people have their own opinions so you do you.


If you honestly felt that way you would have not comment at all on my comment but the mere fact that you need to let me know how you feel about the landscapes says that you are not being 100% honest with yourself about how you really feel about my comment.  

     But just as with anything dealing with art two people can look at the same painting one says it beautiful the other says it is ugly is there a right one?  Are they both right or both wrong?


That's fair, but I think I am being honest with myself, I just like sharing my opinion with others, even though I know how bad that is on the internet, and I like seeing the world from different perspectives so I can learn things and see how others see the world, so pretty much I just want to know what about the landscapes you find boring, sorry I am not very good at talking so half the time I don't know what I'm even trying to say, but I'm pretty sure that's it.


First, you seem like cool peeps!! but the landscapes themselves at least the beginning landscapes (Which is all I played through until I got to the first house and left it then quit.) I just found it all to be the same no real definition as to what it was trying to be and with all of it looking the same it felt like I was wandering around forever not really sure if I was progressing towards moving the game forward. It felt like I could be there awhile just looking for where to go because of the lack of any real definition of the landscape which only added to the frustration and confusion of where to go and what I was supposed to be doing within the game.  Also on top of that with all of it looking pretty much the same and not really representing any kind of thing even a made-up thing it just was very boring to walk around and added to my lack of motivation to  find where to go to continue the game as a result of that. The landscape all felt like graphical static instead of finished. So I sure from this you can see why I didn't like it and found it boring


"But just as with anything dealing with art two people can look at the same painting one says it beautiful the other says it is ugly is there a right one?  Are they both right or both wrong?"

I think you answered the question, neither is wrong, both are right. it's all a matter of interpretation. I appreciate all feedback here hence my answer to your original post, just be mindful however that there is no need to berate/ridicule/gaslight someone else for their opinions as can be interpreted in your original replies. Thank you for offering an updated pov reply on where you stand. I personally don't agree with your pov but I will still respect it, and do consider it valid to some degree. Will i stop making games like these? no, I think it's important to offer alternatives to traditional gameplay since there's a gazillion gamey games out there that you can enjoy at leisure. The intent of these games is to be confusing, outside of the comfort zone and traditional established aesthetic tropes.

Just played! Had an interesting time, though it seems very easy to miss a bunch of the content - I managed to hit the final cutscene without seeing any runes, at least not that I could notice. I did enjoy it, though. The stylistic choices were great!

THank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) Yea I left it freeform atm so there's no real right way to play - open to revisiting. Was considering before doing a puzzle like right way to  unlock runes before ship ride

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strange cool

thank you!


Æ is one of my favourite letters besides þ