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I may be a little late, but I was wondering if it's procedurally/randomly generated or if it's a set map?\

And If it isn't a set map. Have you ever beaten it?

Is there an actual "exit" or ending in the game?

Hey! Yes there is an exit, as to an end no spoilers haha. To exit choose a direction and just try to go straight overcoming all the obstacles that come in your way, eventually if your careful you'll escape the maze :)



Glad you enjoyed it :)) And thank you for the video!!


I found it interesting how you handled the theme of Ludum Dare 42: Instead of constantly losing space, the entire game world can suddenly fall on the player. The whole environment acts as a threat and an enemy to escape. At the same time, it's so wonderful to see how organic everything moves. That's simply fascinating, or maybe even mesmerizing! An all around atmospheric maze game that I just had to recommend in one of our compilation articles about the jam. <3 One minute of my search for the way out can also be seen in the video belonging to the article. ;> Once *AGAIN* a fantastic job, keep it up! :)

Best wishes,


Thank you very much! I'm tempted to turn this experience into a larger game of sorts, as you mention the concept of the space as the threat and enemy to escape is something that I've been trying to develop for a while and it's not really seen as much in games. Again thanks for the great video and highlighting the game :)

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Thank you for the great video!! :)




Hi Travis, it is free :) just put a 0 in the pay as you want prompt.