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Architecture Renovation Mod for Age of Empires 2 HD

We've been playing this game for over 15 years, why not remix the visuals a bit? The intent is to create a more pronounced progression from Feudal to Castle and subsequently Imperial Ages, after all we're talking multiple centuries here! With the larger resolution and population cap of the HD version it's time to increase the size of buildings and create dense urban environments at the latter stages of a match.

Replaces building graphics in Castle and Imperial Ages. Installation instructions in zip.

Current release:

v.4 Transforms most buildings in Imperial and Castle Ages for all civilizations in the original classic 'Age of Kings'.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Total Overhaul by Oxam + Jorgito + Ozhara
A combination mega mod that unites three major graphics total conversions into a new experience for Age of Empires 2. The mod will be available soon via automatic subcription in steam, but in the meantime here's a manual installation preview for those that can't wait (can't blame you ). Game on!

Feel free to leave a comment or read the latest news at its steam community page (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails...)

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Published Jan 13, 2015
CategoryGame mod


AOE2-ArchitectureRenovation-Oxam-v4b.zip 49 MB
AOE2-TotalOverhaul-OxamJorgitoOzhara-manualinstall.zip 87 MB