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You say there are around 100 worlds but only 40 tapes, two of which are for the intro and transitional zones.

What's the deal?

I feel like I've seen a very thing but still no end.

This looks so strange. But interesting! How much does the demo let you do?

everything! after 15 minutes it just closes, but you can restart it to play more

This game is absolutely beautiful!! Great job developing it... I have a Windows ARM device and it would be amazing if you would consider maybe porting this game for ARM64 windows too :) (while I know there is an emulation layer, ARM native apps are so far and between and would honestly be cool to see)

But other than that, huge props <3

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It would be great if we could have the cheat option to fly in the world too, maybe once we visited all the worlds. The bunny jumping can be a bit annoying in some places when you get stuck and sometimes I want to have a better view for snapshots or recordings.

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"has a weird bug on Linux where mouse locking doesn't actually work?"
Yeah, that's Unity for ya

really damn nice. Feels very melancholic to play, I love the different environments. Spent hours on just walking around the different dimensions, trying to find something while finding nothing, but things that feel like something that probably really are nothing. I liked it.


how many big secrets would you say there are in this game?


mmmmmmmm thank you :)

is it weird that i want more?


I don't think so? I want more too :)  <3


Really enjoyed this! played dreamsim the alpha ages ago and this is even better. Did a video here: 


Hey!! Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the experience and loved the video <3


Yo I've never commented on anything on itch before but just had to say this is awesome, I love it. Nice work!


Ooo that's really cool to hear :) Thank you it really means a lot!

Why is there a file in the folder called "steam_api.dll"? Can i add this to my steam library?

Oof that's a lingering sideeffect from integrating the game into steam and should have deleted it on export, sorry about that! It won't actually do anything or integrate with steam unfortunately because it needs another layer of authentication on steam's part.


Is this compatible with an Xbox controller?


it is

yup :)



Hey!! I'm good just took a little break haha, roughly 100 worlds? Some big some large...

is there anyway you could post a guide how to achieve the "ending"

Hey! So I personally don't want to do a spoilers but if you go to the steam community page there's some amazing folks that are documenting the process ;)

It is such a beatiful and artful game. I just have a questions: where are the screenshots saved?


the screenshots are in 0n0w_Data > Photos

Thank you so much!! as @bolidage replied its in Data/Photos :)


Would love macOS support!


Me too tbh but it's been hard at the moment to support a mac release, working on another big project so after I'm done with that I'll look into porting this over :)


Does the version work with VR?


Hey! Not at the moment but no reason why I shouldn't upload the Oculus beta build here as well, stay tuned :)


Hello! Please don't put blanks in file names. It's bad for handling them in the Linux terminal.





yeah sure it works in this case, but still it's not a good habit


Hey! Thanks for the heads up, admittedly had no idea so I'll keep that in mind for the next Linux export :)

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Yeah, the simple answer here is to always enclose filenames with spaces in them in matched quotes (single or double), or escape the spaces with a preceding backslash character (\) when working with such files from a Linux or MacOS terminal.  (Probably the same for Windows as well.)  Filenames with spaces are pretty common for quite a few years now, so one should just get used to assuming a need for using quoting or escaping when spaces in filenames are involved.

One should also be careful of this concern within program code as well to avoid unexpected and sometimes hard to track bugs.  Always ensure any spaces in filenames are handled properly by your code or expect strange issues to occur.

oh hey, you're the person who made Becalm! cool

Hey! Yup same folk :) Hope you enjoyed both!

Just wow.


WOW, this game was fantastic to walk through. I immersed in the worlds the whole time I played. I felt at peace while playing.

Thank you so much!!! Yesss that's what I was going for so it's great to hear you felt that calmness of the experience :) Thanks again!!

Is there a door in every world?


About 80% of them have doors, then theres some with only portals and / or other means of egress. There's def no dead end worlds if you where wondering, there's always a way out :)

Cool, ty!

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I would definitely play just i play on mac:( please release on mac


On Linux, even though the mouse is locked to the game window, there's still a limit to how far I can turn in either direction. Very distracting.

There's a warning for photosensitive epilepsy that says to "immediately stop playing" and then the logo that you see right after that has flashing colors. You should probably be a little more specific at least, like, "press alt+F4 now". But really, a prompt for "continue?" would be conscientious

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A continue button would be more conscientious after the photosensitive warning, I've just moved the disclaimer to the bottom of the page right next to download, so it's not as easy to miss. Thanks for the input on mobility issues with the experimental and unstable linux release, It is a pre alpha demo that I included after many support requests to try to export one. As I mentioned before I'm currently a solodev and unfortunately do not have the means to thoroughly support another OS in development.

edit: Particularly with linux (which i love) but theres so many distros and hardware use cases that i get so many differing reports about it working in one but not the other that it's honestly overwhelming at times. Hopefully soon I can sink some time into getting a good universal release but for the time being Wine + PC version might be the best bet :)


the very definition of vibe.

Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you very much :)


Thanks for making it for free, it was a great experience!

I cant imagine how much work the game design was..


You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the experience! Oof it was a lot of time haha, also my first gamedev project so almost 5 years of learning and development :)


What an amazing experience! I love it. Thanks!


Thanks a lot!! :)


Hey man, let me just tell you that what you are doing is awesome. Trying to help people in quarantine pass the time by making your games free is absolutely phenomenal. I got like all your games and Im really excited to see what they are like( they look stunning from the screenshots).

(Oh and I paid one dollar for 0'N 0'W to help you out a little... its not that much, but Im tryna save up money as I wanna have some money for when I graduate high school).

Aight thats about it. Good luck colorfiction in your future as a developer and take care :)) 


Thanks so much and glad you've been enjoying the games / staying safe during this difficult situation!! While I really appreciate the donation <3 please, please save up for when you're done with highschool, you're going to need everything you can save up for trade school/ college / starting something up :) Best of luck finishing up your studies!


Aww thanks man :)

Beautiful work! Does it have an ending? I explored for a gorgeous hour.

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it, there is an ending of sorts found in one of the worlds :)


Would it be possible to make the experimental Linux build available? If not, what will get it to work using WINE?


Hey! Just made the linux version available, important to note that there will be occasional visual glitches and some disparity in how things look in the screenshots, trying to fix this but this is a good preview :)

Wow, that was fast! Can't wait to play it!

When i start the game, my character looks up and spins right? Anybody have the same experience? any fixex?


Hey! Yes this is a rare bug with unity that can happen when using controllers or emulators. I'm including a link to a steam discussion that offers some solutions, hope it helps!

Aah! Ty so much. I always have my controller plugged in but it just sits on my computer. Finally I can experience this game without spinning nonstop.


It's a fun little game that does let you go on a weird adventure through strange worlds, I rather enjoyed it.

Some of the worlds that you to go did hurt my eyes a bit, the ones that were a bit more gentle on the eyes were fun to explore.

this is game is 32 bits?


Yea! Should run on 32bit processors :)


This whole game blew me away. From the well-filmed, well-edited intro, to the gorgeous graphics, to the ease of getting to a new place, it was really transportive at a time when I was really feeling low--I'm a high school teacher and I'm really worried about my students. Thanks again for making it, and for gifting it as well.


Thanks so much for kind comments and sharing this :) Really glad to hear it helped out during this difficult moment!  Wish you and your students the best! (ps: dont give em too much homework ;p haha)

gracias por el regalo

de nada! :)


The things you build are amazing, you get the community and your super nice. You are the best developer. 


Aww thank you so much :) <3 You brought sunshine to what is a very foggy silent hill-esque day haha

thanks for the free itchio version Color!

Youre welcome :))


Will this one be getting a Linux build too?


Hey! So i could enable an experimental linux version but problem is there's visual disparity between the windows build that uses directx and linux that uses opengl.  Some things are missing, lots of "shader pink/black", and users reported bugs so I temporarily removed it from itch. To workaround this the projects being ported to the latest game engine but dont have an eta on that release yet unfortunately.


Ah, sounds like a bunch of broken shaders then, once you've got it updated give me a shout over on and I'll happily cover it!

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