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hey what happened to "again"? can't find it...

Hey it's temporarily offline as it's currently being remade into something a bit different and super cool ;)

Beautiful game omg! Followed!

Thank you so much!! :)

Very sad not to be able to try because of the new version of mac OS Catalina

Hey! Yes the new Mac software changes are a bit of a bummer, luckily there's a workaround for the time being tho :) It involves temporarily disabling gatekeeper, instructions link here


Absolutely loved this

. I'll be returning to it ever so often, just for a little peace of mind. Thank you for creating this experience.


Thank you so much for playing <3 Glad you enjoyed it and np :)

Lovely piece of software. Space bar didn't work for me (Windows), but c'est la vie.

Thank you! That's very weird, cant think of why that would happen, what os are you using? I'll check it out :)

Windows 7 Pro 64.

Lovely game for taking a break from development :-)

Thank you :) Haha yes we all need a good break when dev'ing, glad to hear you found it here!


Hello, thanks for a fun and free relaxing experience, Im running Ubuntu 18.04 and for some reason, the keyboard commands do not work, and the escape button closes the game entirely. Any idea on whats going on?

Hey! Yes this is happening on the latest version release and Ubuntu for some reason, If you try the prior version it should work well. Have to see what's causing that :)

Played your Experience in an indie romp! This was a trippy yet pretty game

Your game starts at the 12 min mark

Thanks :)


Thank you for making this. I didn't know it but this was exactly what I needed tonight. 

Thanks for playing!! Glad it helped out :)


Such a relaxing game to play to relieve stress!

Thank you very much! Glad you found it relaxing :)


thank you for you marter-piece good jobs

merci beaucoup

Merci! Glad you enjoyed it!


Very chill. Some pretty neat shaders and effects in there. I'd definitely play a version of this where you could sail in any direction, even if there was no other "gameplay". I'm pretty sure the version I played had a bug cause I noticed other people were able to switch scenes. Mine would just freeze for a few seconds whenever I clicked. Anyways, great job on the visuals! Would love to see more from you in the future! I put together a short video of my time with it if you're interested. :)


Thank you very much!! Super glad you enjoyed it! I've actually just finished working on an update that lets you switch scenes with a key and an endless mode :) Thank you very much for the video!


5/5 but how to visit a different destination?

Each time you run the game it'll choose a random location, so it might repeat or show something new. you can always press 'Esc' to close quickly, no need to wait the 5 minutes :)

Thanks, I'll try the latest version. I may have had an older build.


I've just released a patch where you can change scenes by pressing the spacebar :)


Love it.   Such greta atmosphere - almost like being in a painting.

Only thing I could ask for right now is an "endless" setting where this just runs constantly.

Thank you very much! I've just finished developing an endless mode :) so update should come out tomorrow or this weekend at the latest!

Looking forward to it - This'll need to go in my online list of "relaxers."

Just pushed the patch, you'll find as v3. Enjoy!

Awesome!  Now I know what to run next time I'm doing some writing or other projects.  I adore "background games" like this for that very purpose.

Also was sure to link to it from the "Resource Page" on my site under helpful tools.  Been running it now and then to chill while doing projects.


Becalm is very interesting to look at. While short and without any real controls, it succeeds in being what it is meant to be: A relaxing experience. From the ambient tones to the constantly shifting visuals, this is definitely a good example of art in the form of a video game.

Good job, devs.

Thank you very much!!! This means a lot, glad you enjoyed the experience :)

You're welcome. And thank you for making this.


lol i was confused at first but i am to blame! loved the art work! becalm- 3:58

Thank you! & thanks for making the video :)

no problem do you have any other game in the works! or any plans for current game?


Great game! Loved the scenery and music! The artwork was so pretty too! Very relaxing 

Thank you! Enjoyed the video and the story haha, thanks for making it! :)


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Haha that was really funny! Thanks for making it :)


No problem, glad you enjoyed it!


It's so pretty!  And I happened to stumble along this game right around Atlas' disasterous launch hahaha


Thank you very much!! I really enjoyed the video :) I'll probably be adding more biomes this year!


Thanks!  And sounds great, I'm stoked to check em out :)  Keep up the good work 👌


This was so beautiful! I loved just watching the sky change colors as the boat moved! It was great. Good job!

Thanks so much for making the video :) Really glad you enjoyed the short trip!



Hopefully soon :) Need to get a hold of a headset


It's simply a relaxing, beautiful and above all original game! 

Thanks to the developer for this game. 

Thank you very much for playing and the kinds words :)


I thought this was really cool and relaxing. I put becalm on while I hung the washing out to dry and just chilled.

If only it was longer than 5 minutes though.

Thanks DEVs

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I also took the liberty of making a four hour screenaver which is in the midst of being processed, i hope you don't mind. When its up i'll add a video link for you DEVS. superb.


Thank you very much for the positive comments and the videos!! Haha love the fact you made an hours long video :) I'll think about making a perpetual version then ;)

I personally think that that is a great idea.  Think of the bigger picture here in that someone in a TV store could potentially play the screensaver playing on a couple of TV's for a couple of hours and from a distance it would look really nice.


Just released an endless mode :) Hope you enjoy!!

I did indeed play the endless mode and  it's smashing. Here is a link to the video.

well done DEVS



love how you designed this page! going to try the game soon

Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the journey :)


Great visuals, thanks for the voyage. At first I thought the boat was moving, but after closer inspection it seems like the boat stays still but the world moves.


Thanks Leaf!! Haha good eye, it is indeed everything else that moves but the boat. :)


I've loved you work (especially 0n0w) and this continues to show your strengths. You know how to make a surrealistic experience and combine colors to make unique experiences that are unrivaled. While some might be put off by the lack of "game" within Becalm, I thoroughly enjoyed my journey.

This means a lot so thank you very much!!! & thanks for the video,  I'm glad you enjoyed the voyage at sea :)

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I love the surreal, impressionistic vibes of the visuals. It goes perfectly with the ambient soundtrack. The result is very expressive, emotional, immersive and atmospheric. Great job :) !  

This means a lot to me so thank you very much!! I'm really glad to you enjoyed it :)



Thank you for the video, really enjoyed it! Adding a wilson to the boat is a really funny idea actually haha

yay its a oblong


Absolutely love the look & feel!

Thank you very much!!!


:D OMG this looks great!

Thank you :) !!