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a little garden to explore at leisure

p: photo | wasd: move | mouse: look | esc: menu

music, art and programming by @colorfiction

IMPORTANT: Not compatible with older hardware or integrated gpus, weird shader magic requires somewhat beefy specs, a dedicated recent gpu that supports dx11 is a must (690 gtx or r9 370 and 2gb of ram is absolute minimum specs)

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***The Demo features the whole experience limited to 15 minutes of play time, after the timer expires the experience concludes. If you enjoy the work and would like to play longer consider purchasing the full version ;)***

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, artgame, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Surreal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Very beautiful and relaxing to play before bed. I liked that it was relaxing and scary at the same time. I loved looking at the sky and seeing the patterns change depending on where I was standing. It was cool to walk by the same places and see something completely new happening, like the spheres rising above the pool. A beautiful way to appreciate the moment. 

Reminded me of: 
- going camping as a child and hiking at night, making up stories about the things that lived in the rocks and trees. Some of the stories were fun and some were scary. 
- the singing trees at UCSD
- Risk of Rain if there was time to appreciate and explore the scenery instead of getting killed all the time

If I could change anything about it, I would want to go somewhere else when I fell off a cliff instead of the game closing. I was curious about what was at the bottom of the cliff. 


Incredible, immersive and beautiful and I simply love it. 

Dang, I just saw the notification for the sale and it ended like 40 minutes ago. Eh, I can spend $2 on it.

very beautiful, amaznig job ! one of the best games i have ever played

this game was amazing! I loved the graphics! But I got scared cuz I thought I heard the sound of footsteps in the game? And the music was to scary for me. But still 10/10, would play again UwU

This game reminds me of This Poem.

That’s a nice poem, thanks for sharing :)

 though my laptop is sorta old and couldn't really take the graphics, this was so mesmerizing to walk through. Astonishing 

Thanks for trying it out and the nice comments :)

beautiful, just beautiful. i really like this kind of games. just setting back and enjoying the show

Thanks so much!! <3

the visual are amazing! I don't really play a lot of games, but the graphics is aaa quality 

for a few seconds I was thinking how cool it would've been to add some magical creatures or something like that and have missions, but that would've only distracted the player from exploring the amazing world 

performance wise, it ran smoothly on my laptop(nvidia mx150, i7 8550u) at max quality and 1366*768 resolution. When changing to 1080p it started having frame drops, but I didn't expected anything else considering the low specs. 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the wander :) and thanks for sharing the specs it was able to run in, that’s good to know that at a reduced resolution it was still playable!

Never felt so calm and amazed in my life!

Aw that’s really amazing to hear, thanks for checking it out and stopping by here to let me know! <3



:) Thank you!

Your best work yet, sir. This is everything that made your past projects great, but with the architectural and truly organic elements that elevate it even further, just fantastic, the music was also wonderful and I swear I've heard that song before, what was it??

Also, don't know if it was intentional, but I couldn't get into that main square place where that huge light was emitting, there was an invisible wall all around. Either way, it was amazing to peer into it and just wonder what it was. 

If I was going to put someone into a coma, wake them up in 10 years with new technology allowing a virtual reality set to be fused to their head, this is what I'd have them experience (and NaissanceE of course). It'd be some amazing incredible fever dream.

Haha thank you so much, I really appreciate it :) Glad you enjoyed the experience and that you’d consider it as post coma orientation prep work haha :) I’ve been putting bits and pieces of the music on the videos i share on youtube? So maybe you heard it there before. But ooo so the thing with the main square is that even tho the collumns visually dissapear at times the colliders are still there (ill be patching this asap) but in the meantime you can try getting in again because theres small openings that are visible when the columns are fully formed.

nvm found the bug and fixed it :)

It's got some fractal/psychedelic vibe to it. I Love it <3


Thank you! Def going for the fractal/psychedelic vibes :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Pity !
Your game is lagging to death and the hall is super long!

I restarted it afterwards but it crashed with a strange screen!

I'm sorry for those words, but it's the truth! If the image is white, it is normal, it has crashed!

Translation : French > English

Hey! No worries thanks for sharing your experience, sorry to hear it didn't work out :( What are your specs?

My specifications (If I understood correctly) :

Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual - CPU : T3400 ...

Operating System: Windows Seven: Home Premium Edition - Service Pack 1 - 64 bits.

RAM : 2.00_Go

Hope the information is sufficient!
Anyway, an attachment is available. The downside is that it is in French.

Translation : French > English.

Hey thanks for the info, it was more than sufficient to troubleshoot the problem, :) unfortunately the laptop does not meet the minimum specifications to run the program, so that’s why you’re getting the white screen and crash. Im sorry :(


Thank you ! Strangely, it only crashed the second time! The first one it worked, there were just lags which made the game unplayable.

Surely this is new, but I have seen the absolute minimums.
Strangely, games requiring a GTX also work with GeForce.

Likewise, I will soon have a new system or PC, which may solve the problem. My current PC is old (around 2007) but powerful enough for this year despite its graphic configurations not phew!

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Played this game instead of doing a horror game and it was totally worth it! Such an aesthetically stunning game! I hope we get to see more from you and what you create next :)


Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing your wander :) If you enjoyed it you should def check out the other releases ;)


(from chile) nice work, the music is quite and the blue atmosphere calms me a lot uwu. im sure that in the next updates it will be even better.


Muchas gracias!! Me alegra que te haya gustado :)

it really is just a lil garden to explore. pretty

thank you!

Very pretty game, but that's all it is. The map is small and I encountered quite a few glitches. You can't even explore the coolest part of the game. It's very easy to get lost and frustrated.

Hey :) What where the glitches you ran into and which part did you really want to explore if you don't mind me asking? Working on the next patch and so far I heard of occasional collision problems and distance pop-in from the short render distance.

nvm found the bug and fixed it :)


i'm in love with this world, i could live there forever i swear 

Thank you so much! <3 It'll always be there for you to visit :)


like heaven :D very nice


<3 Thank you :)



Thanks!! :)

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a purple journey of true awe
abstractions of flavorful shadery mesh and texture magical animates.


Ooo I like this descriptive poem much better than my blurb haha, thank you for sharing your walkthrough :))

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Oh!, what a lovely surprise thank you so much!!, this is so exciting to get a reply from the developer please remember the power of that it can change
the life of someone in good ways (some of the time) and sometimes in bad ways (unlikely), was feeling so alone here reading all the truly lovely comments from others and thinking gosh no one even raised an eye lid over mine then
I saw this : D.    Hope you do like it, their's a beautiful minimalist simplicity
to yours, I'm so passionate about my descriptions and want to show your passionate and prominent prowess work to the masses and will continue to do so and "I'm not in this for the money".
Thank you for being the good guy!.



Thank you for sharing your wander :)


Have you ever considered porting this to VR?


It would be really cool to port this to VR, tbh been having problems with the screenspace shader effects I'm using where they don't look quite right in worldspace (VR). Working on a big project atm but maybe when I'm through with that I'll revisit this and my previous releases on VR :)


Pretty cool, relaxing, just lacking some vaporwave music

Thanks!! Haha a good vaporwave mix is def the perfect sidedish for this :)


I want to check this out, but I have a potato PC. What are the recommended specs for this?


Min Specs:         Rec Specs:          Ideal Specs:          EPICGAMER Specs:

Celeron N3650   i3 8350k             i7 9700k              i9 9900k

157 MB storage   157 MB storage   157 MB Storage    157 MB Storage

GTX 690             GTX 790 Ti        GTX 1660 Ti         RTX 2080 Ti

2 GB ram            8 GB ram           16 GB Ram          32 GB Ram


GODPC Specs:

i9 10900k

157 MB Storage

RTX 3090

128 GB Ram


Potato Pc Specs:

Intel Pentium 4 

157 MB Storage

GTX 550 Ti

500 MB Ram


Does this answer your question? (If You Lag Use Razer Cortex It will bost your fps a little bit)

Potato Pc FPS: 10 - 20 FPS (Razer Cortex = 15 - 25 FPS)

Min Specs FPS: 15 - 30 FPS

Rec Specs FPS: 35 - 55 FPS

Ideal Specs FPS: 60 - 80 FPS

EPICGAMER Specs FPS: 100 - 155 FPS

GOD PC Specs FPS: 300+ FPS


Wow you are legend, thanks for sharing the specs! :) Tbh sounds pretty spot on with the min gpu listed due to the DX11 effects going on. Did you manually test or is there a modern automatic system to assemble such a good thorough spec and benchmark list? Thanks again!


I had to manualy test because I have all these pc xD


This was just beautiful and creative I loved the experience the environment and all the sound. Purely astonishing I put a link to this game in the video so my subscribers can come experience it for themselves. 

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the experience!! Loved the video wander :)


How did you put a copyright on your game ?

By creating something depending on your jurisdiction you're protected by common law copyright.

Did you send a proof to any kind of institution or the simple action of uploading on Itch give us this right ?

(1 edit)

I am not a lawyer but if you search online you'll find info on this, you can but no there is no need to submit to any institution, copyrights are automatic:



edit: this is in the US not sure about other places

Ok thank you very much for those informations ! 

Keep going I love your work :)


Etheral, cosmic, liquid... nice alchemy

Thank you!


its so preTTY OMG


Very cool experience so far. I got stuck near these blobby rocks under the..."spectral door hive"

Thanks!! Oh noes looks like I'll have to fix that up, was it a pit of sorts in the terrain or an object that you collided with and got stuck?

I was right at the base of that structure, among the blobby rocks. Felt like I was frozen between them all. I thought maybe I was stuck in the photo feature at first but that wasn't the case.

Thanks for the info, yea seems the collider on the blobby geometries might be complicated I'll fix that in the next patch :)

nvm found the bug and fixed it :)