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the carcavas valley comprises over fifty thousand acres of dry shrub and sun blasted hills in south western ██████

home to a wide variety of wildlife including the prairie rattlesnake, proghorn, and bison

local folklore talks of secret mineshafts, military test sites, and mysterious energy zones

it’s a curious place, you should visit

wasd: move | mouse: look | esc: menu

music, art and programming by @colorfiction


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Carcavas 1.1 194 MB
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Models are broken into pieces, I think because of the integrated graphics I have, and this makes for a very thorny horse. Unfortunately I can't ride it (it just slips from under me).

Here's a nice trick, you can do total eclipse of the bird: move so that a flying bird gets in front of the sun, and walk and run so that it keep covering the sun. This makes for very cool, dark lens flares that, when centered, look like an eclipse.

The End is...?

Lovely game, I was instantly attached to the dog and made sure he was always following. Thankfully, he wasn't ripped apart in the void like I was. 

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Changing the quality settings does not make any difference.
Restarting with a desired quality results in the quality level being reset to low.
Screen size is remembered between quitting and loading, but not quality.

GFX: AMD Radeon R9 380 - 2GB 
CPU: AMD FX 6350 + 12GB RAM
Win 10 21H2


Hi Mr. Lynch, I didn't know you made games!

All jokes aside, this was really well made. Congrats! I hope for games like this to be a more prominent genre in the future of gaming. Games as contemporary art!! Woo hoo

I love these games so much. They are beautiful, creative and sometimes horrifying. Just keep them coming and I'll keep playing them!

Thank you so much!! Glad you’re enjoying them :) Will def keep em coming haha <3

I enjoyed walking through the valley and seeing the strangely gapped animals. I tried to climb stuff but I guess we weren't meant to. I wonder what else is hidden in the game :O

Thank you!! Ooo no spoilers but there's some weird stuff hidden in there haha. Btw what did you try that climb but couldn't? was it the hills that where too steep or something, I might have to adjust that

Nice job

thank you!! :)


Walking through the desert was a lot of fun although I had trouble finding out where to go.

Thanks for sharing the wander!! :) Ooo no particular direction, end game is found if you walk in one direction long enough tho ;)

Deleted 317 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! Glad to hear the 'weird zone' was hypnotizing haha <3


You've. Done. It. Again. I continue to love everything you do. Haunting, beautiful and surreal. I am so thankful you craft beautiful worlds I can stumble blindly through.

I hope I didn't miss an ultimate end. I stumbled to endless static and fell of the world. I saw some talk about a car but the experience I had is the one I want to remember. Thank you dude, loved it.

Thanks so much Jordan!!! Loved the video and from what I saw you did play through the whole experience (there's a couple other locations and animals that can be found throughout the map but they won't change things radically, just other stuff to see haha).  Replying to your jam page comment here as well,  but yes still not sure what happened here haha but likewise think this might be the best one yet. Just really happy how the night to day transition came out and the inclusion of relatable wildlife was a fun process, plus the doggo! Thanks again for the support, checking it out and the kind comments! Best,


Very much enjoyed my walk in the desert, Doggo by my side. A welcome escape, even with the spooky sights and sounds.


Glad you enjoyed your time in Carcavas!! (spoilery trick but if you want to hike with two doggos next time you can press 1 to spawn an extra one haha)

What an experience! I loved the effect on the creatures and the changing sky.

I want to comment some spoiler-y things, so please don't read if you haven't played yet:

- I watched Iwan's video and there is a car that I haven't been able to find in this version. Mysterious.

- If you press 1 you spawn an additional doggo. I don't know if that's a bug, an easter egg or some debug shortcut, but it's a nice surprise (although it scared me the first time!)

- I managed to get to the end of the map without getting the "static" screen effect. I got to the "barrier" but instead of crossing, I followed it until the map ended. I got some nice photos there.

Thank you so much for trying it out!! :) 

Ok so yes the spoilers:

1.Ya Iwan was actually the first to download and lmk of a problem that was going on, so while fixing it got a bit carried away and moved a couple things in the map (truck is still there but in a different location)

2. Lmao I totally forgot to disable the doggo spawner, yes that's was a debug shortcut to test some things haha :)

3. Nice! So you got to the shimmering barrier but decided not to cross it right? (not that you crossed but nothing happened right? Because then it would be a bug haha)

Yeah, exactly that. I crossed a few times but I went back to the "normal".


I kept feeling like I could just make out what the shapes were in the distance, but the closer I got, the more fragmented they became. This was a very strange experience. It was amazing to see and hear, and it left me wanting to find more.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the experience :) I might be expanding it at some point!

Beautiful effects. Bonus fifth game in video, timecode 26:55

Thanks for the video Iwan! Glad you liked the experience, btw the "horror" ending is now implemented so highly reccomend trying it out :)

Mesmerizing and mysterious, I love it

Thank you! :)

Really lovely scenery, both before and after the transition. The gaps between the quads on the models gave everything the animals a unique and intriguing appearance.

Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed the spaced out quads, been experimenting with it for some time on static/abstract geometries in the environments of past games, but this is the first time using it in recognizable moving characters :)


So good! I enjoyed this experience :)

Thanks Moshe :) Glad you liked it!!

Is there a way to win? I just wanted to go for a walk with my dog! Maybe see some birds, rabbits, deer... lovecraftian spaceship!? Why'd my dog disappear? Gah! So many questions!


:) Glad to hear you had fun with the pup! If you dived into the water then one could say you won.. open to interpretation really haha


Very good. I escaped!

By falling off of the map? Or did I miss something?

Thanks! & good to hear haha :)

wait.. so basically we get closed in a square portal room that breaks reality once you leave it? I made it glitch just by crossing it half-way so that when I leave it, I come back to reality, yet when I get to the edge there is just a map border lol