A downloadable world for Windows

StatusIn development
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Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Experimental, Exploration, Neon, Open World, Relaxing, Surreal


DreamSim - DarkScape 79 MB
DreamSim - NeonDreams 94 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run "DreamSim.exe". Adjust Quality settings, Integrated gpu's should select 'Fastest', select 'Fantastic' for the best visual experience!


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I played this game last year, uninstalled and forgot about it, but last winter I started binging on lo-fi hip hop and city pop, and city pop gives me the feel of neon-colored cities like in Cyberpunk 2077. I started playing DreamSim and another game, Neon tail, because they give me that city pop vibe.

This might be one of the best surreal fps exploraton games i've played so far, the atmosphere is soo goood

But does this game only have 1 map with that black'n'white city? Or is there anything more to this game?

And wtf's with that cricket sound at the far northwest corner of the map? I've done everything in my power to get closer to it or at least get a look at it's source but to no avail, it's driving me insane

hi, I played this game the new concept of city exploration is cool. The white stairs floating objects, texts , is something I missed to look and explore in the city haha ;)

I could only find 40 worlds in the menu with the computer

The rest you have to find the hidden doors that lead to them :)


also thanks for making your games free for like five days because of the bad things that are happening thats why i indie game developers like you are the best. Developers like you get the gaming community. Stay safe out there too.


Thank you so much! Means a lot <3  Yea let's hope this all blows over soon and we can all go back to our old routines :)


These were great! The visuals of the neon city were some of my favourites I've seen in a game, and I loved the eerie, lonely atmosphere of 1.7. I'm really inspired by the dreamscapes you've created here. I'll definitely be checking out 0°N 0°W! 

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed the dreamscapes, I definitely recommend 0°N 0°W if you want to experience more of this style :) [There's around 100 worlds in there]

I remembered this game when I woke up today, 2-3 years after I played it. You've managed to somehow creep into my subconscious! I think what triggered the memories was the subtle hum of my heater, it reminded me of the subtle hum of the streets around the main building (or maybe I just associate a hum with that area). I keenly remember the weird glowing alarm clock and trying to climb to the top of the main building via the radial steps and trying to interact with those weird asterisk things that drive down the streets and in random directions.

I really enjoyed just the ambiance of exploring a glowing, confusing city at night; thank you for this experience!


Hey! Oh wow that's amazing and thank you for sharing! You're more than welcome. I love it when random things like a smell, a sound or a taste just remind you of those special moments in gaming/life, and for it to have brought up my game really means a lot :) The 'bigger, better, faster and stronger' (lol) edition of Dream.Sim is coming out in four weeks as 0°N 0°W, you should definitely check it out if you enjoyed this. All the best!

Thank you! i sure will!


I'm confused, as you can clearly see in my plays of both versions:

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Thank you for the great videos!

Why is the game now in Black and white? I found the colors really cool :c

Thank you! the color neon city is still available above as v1.5, labeled neon dreams

Does v17 run on windows as well?

v1.7 only works in Windows at the moment, other OSes will be supported in the final game release