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Thanks for this insane trip!

All the best with future development!

What a beautiful and haunting game ! I loved every moment ! The colors, the retro film grain, the whole bit! I'll even admit that the ending made me jump ! Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece !

Nice style and music. Wasn't expecting the ending lol


Buen juego aunque me he perdido bastante 

Muchisimas gracias por jugar!!


Awesome game! Love the music and the Aesthetic! Got kinda confused with the maze at the end, but other than that, amazing. I hope to see more!


This Game Is Unsettling!

A beautiful and relaxing game. Love the atmosphere.

Seeing that Rutger Hauer passed away made me want to watch Blade Runner especially when it rains and now playing this I really want to watch it since the music in this was so amazing just like in Blade Runner by Vangelis.

I watched Markiplier playing it and came to say I love your game :)

Keep it up.

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Really nice game, loved the colors and I found it rather calm and atmospheric than scary, but it isn't a bad thing.


Great Game! I loved the somber music and then how it throws you straight in with no restraint. Great Job!


Like most of colorfiction's games it's a real pleasure to experience. The audio and visuals melt together dreamily and you can often find yourself standing there just taking it all in. This one has the beginnings of a more defined story with some horror elements, although it's still very vague. Either way, it's very compelling to just hang out in this world for a while. Looking forward to what comes next!

That was weirdly...good! I liked it a lot, even without understanding this plot. I think it's more about atmosphere and developer(s) made really good job with visuals and sounds


Nice little game


At the time of playing I didn't realize this was an alpha demo as such I was unfairly harsh on this game. My apologies  to colorfiction for not understanding.

Very interesting game! Love the aesthetic! Love the music! Can't wait to see more! 


Thanks! I really appreciate this :) Its going to get even crazier haha!

Oh! Color me excited! Can't wait! 

It’s style and music is excellent. What’s more, the ending really stays with you.

Thank you so much :)

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Странная, но интересная игра, так держать :)

благодарю вас :)

It's psychedelic trip?

What a "dark" game.


Really cool looking game and super music. Plays well with no problems. Good job... :)

Thank you! :)

I'm not sure what happened, but I really enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing how the game continues in the future! 

Thanks for playing and the article, loved it :)


Muy buena ambientación, lo unico que me perdí mucho en la parte del bosque que no hay mucha referencia para ubicarte. Pero el juego en sí muy bueno.

Al aire libreAl aire libre

Gracias por jugar y el video! Me alegra que te haya gustado :)


This is a very cool, and very strange game.  I love cosmic horror and this one was pretty good.  No sure what happened, but I enjoyed it.  Thanks for making this demo!  

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Thank you! Yes it's just a short demo at the moment  but glad you enjoyed it!




Well done, developer!

Thank you!


I honestly don't remember the 80's being as weird as everyone makes out lol. but hey cool wee game you have here 

Haha yup the nostalgia glasses are a big thing now, thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!


Game was very cool!  



This is nothing I haven't seen before, with the psychedelic nature of the game and the strange warping environment, but what really sets Ode to a Moon apart is how beautiful it is. This experience perfectly encapsulates how something strange and unsettling can also be awe-inspiring and beautiful. This isn't a game, this is a work of art.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the kind comments :)

Loved it. Looking forward to seeing similar pieces of work. 


Thanks!! You should check out my other games :)


Thank you! :)

no, lol Thank you for developing the game.

beautiful game. Love all of your work. I was wondering what the real events were that inspired this game?


Thank you so much! Unfortunately can't say much yet as it would spoil the story.

Played this for a 4 free indie horrors, and was VERY interested in the universe of the game. It has a very colorful scheme to it, which (While a little hard on the eyes at times) Was really cool looking and added a nice level of mystery to the game as a whole. If you're looking for feedback, I give plenty of that at the end of my video in the "Review Portion" 


Thank you for playing and the feedback :)

Put your game into another Indie Romp, almost didn't realize you made the "Be Calm" game too! You've Got a way with colors my dude!! Hope you enjoy the video

Your game starts at the 14:11 mark

i played this in dx 10.1 and it looks like a lsd tab.

Thank you! Haha yes went a completely different direction from Becalm with Ode :)


hello! i just wanted to say i really enjoyed playing this game and i can't wait to see this game when its finished! great job! also i made a video so i hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for making the video and glad you enjoyed the game :)


WHOA ! Amazing.

Thank you!

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amazing game, it was quite the trip keep up the good work! i made a play through if anyone wants to check it out (spanish play-through)


Muchas gracias! Me alegra que te haya gustado el juego :)

This game was actually really good wish it was longer!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Thank you! Yes at the moment it's an early alpha, the plan is to make it a longer experience :)


Goddamn 😱
Best cosmic horror of any medium I've experienced for years.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it <3


This was simply fantastic. I would play this again, just to listen to the sounds and stare into that beautiful forest. You have created a work of art. Great job!


Thank so much for playing and the kind comments! I really appreciate it :)


Man this game was really trippy! Interesting concept tbh, I'd love to see how it all turns out... and who/what was that at the end!? 

Thank you so much! Haha no spoilers ;)

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