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amazing style

I just wanted to to pass it on that I grabbed the whole horror collection for original demo after seeing the beautful scenes and vibe when watching the Bawkasoup playthrough. Know it was unity so I flip it into VR (all unity made games can be cheated into vr) and it was exactly the sort of scene and vibe I could and wanted to escape into. I very much look forward to the full game experience. please consider leaving vr settings on even its on "unofficially". 

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Loved the vibe and aesthetic, neat installment into walking simulator kingdom. The visual department (modeling/lighting/set design) is genuinely a reason to check it out. Keep mind of the photosensitive warning though, even without epilepsy it can be a bit much on the eyes at times.

my only criticism is that i got so motionsick that i had to stop playing

Serious mood

Took over ten minutes of getting lost in the fortress section to finally quit. Visuals and music are nice, but the VHS format for the sake of VHS format is unnecessary. 

it was really fun, i loved the music :)

Probably saw me before (my Steam rec's). More drugs for the mind, but this trip wasn't a good one. (A compliment.)

I played this as part of the 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo Disc (yes, I'm STILL going through that one even though the 2021 one is out now) and it was really cool! I'm really happy to hear that is it is still being developed because I'd love to spend more time in the world of the game and uncover more of the story (plus I could just eternally live in that apartment in the rain)

Such a beautiful game! This truly filled me with cosmic dread and captured Lovecraftian type vibes. This is an experience! keep it up!


SUCH A GOOD GAME!!! The chaos was just incredibly and it was aesthetically overwhelming. I loved it!

Local 58 Anyone?

Fantastic Environment, beautiful landscape and very creepy. I love this game from start to finish. Very well made!

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Diversify into this VHS Psychotronic amazing chaos as our colorful exploration takes us through abstract and realism defined magical visual experiences of a geometric prowess.

This was an absolutely beautiful & stunning experience. Everything from the immersive score to the art design. I will definitely be looking out for its release and tell my friends about it. 


The most visually stunning game I've ever played. Full stop.

it look great! the sound inmersion is perfect!

still stuck in the wavvy castle, any hints? i want my money back!! :D :D 

I played through the demo and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. This was certainly a bizarre experience, and I loved every moment of it. Although it had some sinister elements, I couldn't help but find the art and music to be beautiful and serene. I am definitely looking forward to the full release, even if it is just half as obscure as this! Thank you for this! 

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My favorite bit? All the fantastic and eclectic reading material. As a writer, I'm happy to see these included. Aside from that, I included it in my B&W horror anthology.

Absolutely outstanding experience! The visuals and sound sound design are in a league of their own.

I liked this game, so far. I played right now in Haunted PS1 Disc Demo. Is the ending different here? Well, let's see.

Protuguese(Brazil) version of playthrough. Thanks this masterpiece. Congratulations and I wish you keep up great arts.

Obrigado!! Glad you enjoyed the experience and thanks for sharing the awesome vid :)

I loved to do this game, buddy! I waiting once else games developed by you! :)

That was such a great experience! Very unique atmosphere! At first I thought it had something to do with Lovecraft's "The Colour out of Space". I'm super excited to see the full game! Keep it up!

Thank you! You know that story was actually a huge inspiration and always wanted to make a game of it so def channeling some of that, really enjoyed the recent movie but don't think it did it justice enough haha

The game is beautiful.  The colors, the music, everything...  Just added the game to my wishlist on Steam, will be waiting for the release :) 

The pacing of the game works to the endings favor. It is mainly buildup with a few unsettling moments and then you get to this very creepy area. The climax (I won't spoil) is very well executed. Although this is only a demo, I look forward to the finished product. The game leaves a lot up for speculation with very few clues. Especially in the end, so many questions are raised. I hope colorfiction keeps up the good work and if you havent, you should definitely play this. Sincerely, a colorfiction fan.

I just saw it, and what a cool design!! Claps*


That was actually really cool. Something about this game is peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. Great job... gonna have to return to this one when my mind is right ;)

Amazing experience! Thank you!

This Was An Experience @colorfiction  ... Great Jobs : ) 

Absolutely gorgeous game, even when the horror elements kick in there is beauty in its destruction. Gameplay starts around 28:21.

I really enjoyed the strange places this game takes you, it feels like you're going on an adventure in a strange world.


Thank you and glad you enjoyed the trip!! btw just made all my prior games free for a couple months so highly recommend trying out 0n0w, different artstyle but tons of adventures in strange worlds :)


goddamn the visuals were beautiful. enjoyed every second of it

Haha thank so much!!

Freakin incredible. I was having trouble nagivating during  the final stages of the demo, ad everything was so distorted and dark i couldnt see where i was going. also, I translated what looked like morse code: T L N W W O W Z A (-/.-../-./.--/.--/---/.--/--../.-)

Thank you!! Yes noticed on some streams that the brightness is different (darker) from my monitor, should really add a brightness level. Haha getting close there with the translation ;)


I played this on the PS1 demo disk game and absolutely loved it. Very unique and interesting well done. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to the full game!


Also this game is beautiful. Who knew a PS1 style game style game could look so amazing!

Thanks so much!! Loved the video, if you haven't yet I recommend trying out the other demo available on this itch page, different look and intro :)

Thank you for watching it! I'll definitely have to check that out that sounds interesting.

What is a historic fall ?


The one I had down the stairs this morning haha :) 

(Yea that didn't make much sense, edited it out)

Hehe... ouchouchouchouch... I'm alive !....ouch.

A friend pointed out today it may be a translation thing because it could mean Autumn, which makes sense I guess.


This was a amazing experience that I greatly wish to see more of. The atmosphere was hypnotizing and beautiful, yet haunting. Please bring more!

Thank you!! <3 Def planning on more fun stuff :) If you enjoyed the experience you might like some past releases like 0N0W, has some scary worlds in there.


This is one of the most strangely beautiful and confusing experiences I've had with a game in a long time. I honestly wish I could afford to donate because I absolutely love everything about the style of the game.

Thank you!! Your comment alone is worth any donation :) so I really appreciate you taking a moment to share this!


This is BY FAR the most immersive game environment I've encountered. My jaw was on the floor the whole time, I LOVE IT. I found myself taking TONS of screenshots of the beautiful environment around me. Can't wait for the whole game, thank you for this!!

Thank you so much :) Glad yo hear you loved it!!


Great job :)

Thank you! :)


Thanks for this insane trip!

All the best with future development!


Thank you very much!! & thanks for the video, was fun to watch haha :)

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