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"Welcome to Voltark, prime meridian in our sector's strategic proton fuel cell network. As part of your work rotation it is imperative to follow all operating procedures to mantain liveware optimization. Failure to comply will result in automatic demotion of family unit benefits..."

- Voltark Mining Corp, Orientation Booklet, Edition 252B.


Upon crash landing on this desert planet you have the choice to explore its beautiful steppes or systematically stripmine its resources. Choose wisely..



"This world is pretty fun to explore, especially with the large amounts of electricity you are pushing through it."

-Rock Paper Shotgun



WASD - to move, 
Space - to jump, 
Shift - to run,
Right click - to zoom,
F - to take a photograph,
Left click or E - to interact. 
Esc - to access the menu.



"While generally known for its vast Wireless Network of Oxidizing Proton Pumps that power everything in our system from industries to the trimensional viewer in your unit, Voltark is also an amazing ecosystem full of radiant life. It's natural flora and fauna thrives on the wireless emissions from the Proton Isopatch.  Make the best of an inconvenient work rotation and enjoy some sightseeing..."

- Voltark Mining Corp, Orientation Booklet, Edition 252B.

Music, Art and Programming by @colorfiction

for any questions feel free to email me here 


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I activated all the pumps I think and went to the giant ball of electricity. Is there an ending?

Hey! Not at the moment, it's more of a permanent vacation place haha. I am working on one tho :) 


The visuals are absolutely amazing, great job!

Thank you very much :)


I climbed to the top of the big mountain...

... and I made a friend!

Great fun :)

Oh wow, didn't think somebody was going to climb the gigantic pyres, nice job!! Haha glad you made a friend :) , they're very curious creatures and albeit an accidental electrical zap or two they're harmless lol


Great work, had a nice time exploring. I enjoyed the atmosphere, especially the sound.

Thanks Leaf! Glad you enjoyed the experience, and thank you for creating this amazing community where we can all share our work :)


Nice experience! I definitely need to wander a lot more now ^^

Thank you! You should try out the other games I've made :)


This was such a great experience, thank you for making this! I'm not sure if I saw all there was to see, but I truly enjoyed playing through it. The atmosphere, music, and sound design were all fantastic.  I ended up walking deep into the desert, until the suns were behind me. Stumbling upon that golden sea was a nice surprise :) 


Thank you very much!! So glad you found the ocean :) Just remembered I forgot to add the waves sounds :p oops haha, I'll patch it in soon. Did you find the weird electrical creatures in the trees? They're harmless but curious litte creatures haha :)


I did! They were adorable :) Although I might have tried to feed them to the white orb...


Great little project. Nice.


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it and loved the short video!