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Take the Nightline through an infinite Metropolis. Destination? Unknown.


Inspired by late nights on the Tristate area MTA system.

Experience three distinct transit lines.



"Take the Train Journey of a Lifetime..... A meditation on Travel" -OnlySP

"Something magical and mesmerizing about attending this everyday spectacle because it focuses on oneself: the journey as the ultimate goal" -Game Jam Curator

"This is a beautiful thing, turning a subway car into a dreamy liminal space" -PC Gamer



Enjoy the ride!



'W+A+S+D' to Move , 'Mouse' to look, 'Esc'  for Menu.

*Supports Ultra Wide Screens and Controllers.

**The real time reflections are intended for very high end pc's only!!

*This is a passive observation game, you walk around the train car, watch the scenery unfold and listen to the tunes.

*The sounds and subway car graffiti/art were captured throughout various transit lines in Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ and CT.

DirectX 11 compatible GPU, rec 770 - 1060. 2-4 GB RAM. Windows, OSX or Linux


Release log:

v2.2: Feb 17, 2021 - Updated Main Menu, mouse scroll camera zoom, misc

v2.1: November 23, 2020 - VHS mode, mouse lock to window, OSX & Linux Support, Graphic Settings Saved, Disable Music.

v2.0: November 22, 2020 - enhanced edition - 3 transit lines, improved fidelity.

v1.2: November 3, 2019

v1:  June 23, 2018.


Music, Art and Programming by @colorfiction

for any questions feel free to email me here 


***The Demo features the whole experience limited to 15 minutes of play time, after the timer expires the experience concludes. If you enjoy the work and would like to play longer consider purchasing the full version ;)***

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jun 24, 2018
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(75 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Altgame, artgame, Atmospheric, First-Person
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Twitter


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Nightline 2.2 - Windows - Enhanced Edition 251 MB
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Nightline 2.1 - Linux - Enhanced Edition 274 MB

Download demo

Nightline - Timed Trial Shareware 249 MB

Development log


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Is there anywa this could be modded to use VR?  I would love to literally sit in the train and look around and just take an immersive ride to chill out with.

superb work

I really enjoyed the chance to self-reflect with Nightline. A huge thanks to the developer for giving me this opportunity 

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This game had some interesting effects on me.  I tried it with the blue destination first and it felt kind of off to me for some reason, same with the red destination.  In fact, with the red destination I actually felt a bit anxious.  I started noticing the silhouettes standing in the other compartments a bit more.  They felt almost menacing in a way for some reason.  The green destination however, felt perfectly calm to me.  Even the silhouettes didn't bother me anymore, it just felt peaceful.  Color does some weird stuff to the human brain I guess.  Normally red is my favorite color by the way lol.  I'm writing this at like 4 AM so I apologize if it's a bit rambly, just wanted to tell you about my experience with the game.  :)

Damn, these are some beautiful landscapes to look at! Only problem I have is that there's no way to remove the grain filter. Still, amazing work!

Absolutely wonderful! The music, the atmosphere, everything!
Great work! Hope to see more works from you soon.

hi! I'm having an issue where the game doesn't remember the resolution settings I give it after picking my destination. Is there a way to fix this?

hi! It should be saving by default so that’s weird I’ll take a look at it, what OS are you using?

I was using Windows 10 at the time, with the game copied to an additional hard drive (D unit)

This is really weird, I'm sorry it's happening! Tested on two machines and it's been saving the resolution so couldn't reproduce the error to see what it might be :( I'll keep looking tho when i get a chance to test in another device

Is there any way to disable mouse acceleration? I love the ambiance but t's a bit nauseating to look around.

hi! Not at the moment but I’ll look into adding this option in the next patch

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This was a cool experience !! Played on Apple M1


thanks so much for playing and glad to hear it worked well on OS X :)


I think players could have a more enjoyable journey if they could adjust the height of their perspective.
And I would like to see some movement to sit on a seat.


I'll def look into adding a height option, that's a great idea! The sitting animation might be more involved atm but I'll look into it :)

vr mode?

Just started looking into it :) With some graphical changes it's def doable!

Nice game! Glad if the train sound FX were separate from the music so i could play some lofi with the train sound.

Thank you! Sure thing I can add that feature in the next patch :)


Hey just added the option to disable music in v2.1 :)

This is just relaxing, I love it

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) Just released a big update with new transit lines to experience.

Decided to try out the game, but for some reason it looks as if the train is very dark. Is this a bug? (Arch Linux amd64, Radeon RX 580)

Hmm yea def looks like the realtime lights are not showing up for some reason, I'll look into it but in the meantime I recommend trying the v.1 download link and seeing if that works (it should since it's lighter and if I remember correctly the lighting is baked)

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HI, any news on that? I'm running into the same issue with a similar setup (Debian, Radeon RX580).

This happens on both version 1.2 Linux (demo) and 2.1 Linux Enhanced Edition.

cool experience, shame there is no control over the volume of the sometimes overbearing music

Hey! Thank you, unfortunately in this version for simplicity I mixed the train track and music together so can't separate them in individual sliders but I'll look to see if I can find the original tracks to separate a mix in a future build :)


added the option in the recent patch

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Nice and Thx!

I'm really digging the new environments and its cool and relaxing to just leave on my bigscreen as some ambient noise and visuals.

One minor bug i found is that the 'quit' option in the esc/pause menu doesn't seem to work, even though it highlights as an available UI element via mouse and keyboard. The quit in the main menu however works as expected.

Also the 'disable music' option doesn't seem to persist, and required being checked each time an environment is launched, but this may be intentional.

But overall, great idea, execution, and follow-up!

seriously, i've had this going for over an hour, and the train taking me to anywhere but here is exactly what i needed

So glad to hear you enjoyed the experience and the new environments :) Been testing the quit button in-game and seems to work, is it with the latest 2.1 update/version?


When I look to the right, my cursor moves out of window and into my second monitor. It's not locked into the limits of the game, which cause accidental minimizations of the game when I click out of it. I hope i did a good job explaining that. Seems really cool though!

Hey! Haha no totally understand what you meant, don't think the game has cursor locking at all so I'll look into adding this to a future build :)

fixed with the latest patch :)


Perfect game for the pandemic when we're all stuck at home. Loved having this on while reading my book.

Thank you so much! Oof yea crazy to think something we where doing all the time changed so much in meaning, glad you enjoy it while reading :)

On Linux I'm having an issue where I can only turn so far in a given direction before my view snaps the other way unprompted. The weird thing is how inconsistent it is -- sometimes I can turn in three circles before it happens, other times not even half a turn. I think it may have to do with mouse acceleration??

Hey thanks for pointing this out, yes its happening on windows too. If you move too fast it snaps back to center of old position? Do you use multiple screens too? I'm guessing it has something to do with the mouse lock but it could be the acceleration too, next patch will have the option to remove it so that'll be a workaround for the time being

seems not to be an issue in 2.0, thanks!

This is an amazing game with amaing music and i really like just one thing is I would like to see if more to the outside and maybe you can explore the train also i make games myself and I would love to have you play one The hole game is amazing and I would definintly play it when im bored


I think is the good game, although I don't play it

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i love everything about this


Thank you so much!!! :) :)

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Can't really play it with mouse, sadly, since the player only looks up and spins around indefinitely without using the mouse or keyboard at all. The only game I have this issue in also. I'll try if using a controller works now.


Tried it again, this time with PS4 controller (I know it's probably not supported) and a 360 controller. While the latter does work, the spinning issue persists and has such a force I can barely do anything with the 360 controller.

Sucks I can't try this experience out like everyone else, but if you manage to fix it, I'll gladly try again.

And seems quite a few Unity games can/did suffer from this problem in the past, according to Google :(

And last but not least, thank you very much for offering it for free for a period of time. Much appreciated! :)

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Hey! Oof that's a bummer, what os are you using? Yea this is def a rare bug.

edit: I'd recommend trying with all controllers and such input devices unplugged, even if they are controller emulators. Sounds like an input problem.

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have the same bugs

Just picked this up as part of a bundle (game was featured on PC gamer). Same problem for me, Windows 10, and it happens on 0N0W as well (didn't try the other 2 games yet but I'm guessing it will occur there also). 

It does look like it's picking up something due to having a couple of other controllers I have attached. Bit inconvenient to have to disconnect though!

Looks great but I can't open the file, does it do that in windows too?

Thanks for trying it out! Sorry it's not working, what os are you using?

macos catalina

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Unfortunately Catalina changed quite a lot of things in the backend, dropped 32bit support but most troublesome now developers have to go through a costly notarization process for their apps to run. I don't have a Mac so that makes the process impossible without resorting to a porting house or a third party to sign my apps. So unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to support Mac anymore for the time being :( 

edit: def reccomend installing a small bootcamp partition tho with Win10 in the meantime if you want to try more itch games that are not supported :)

ok thanks :)

Hey updated the mac build and it should be working now :)


I enjoyed it so much I made a review!

Tldr: HIGHLY recommend.

Amazing and inspiring! I love it!

Thank you so much!! <3


This would be amazing in VR! There should be VR libraries available for Unity.

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Hey! Yes tried it out experimentally recently and it was a lot of fun, just need to learn a couple things more about VR locomotion and UI and then wrap up a comprehensive port.

edit: adding these here  :) <3

Did you figure out how to add VR support yet? Would love to try this on my Oculus Quest!


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Hi there, i work for SideQuest where we help out tons of Virtual Reality developers and host tons of game demos and titles for the Oculus Quest, i thought your application looks really fun and interesting. If possible at all i was curious on how willing you may be to create a a Quest port of it. It would be astounding to see your game as a VR title listed on SideQuest. If you are at all interested you can check out our submission procedure at SideQuestVR.com/How-To-Submit-Games and for a list of how many currently available titles we have you can check out our listings at https://www.SideQuestVR.com/#/apps
In any case good gaming and hope to see you out there in Virtual Reality some day.

I love the idea of this, but there's something weird with the mouse tracking - the view just drifts to point at the ceiling unless I constantly move my mouse down. (0n0w does the same thing). Kind of kills the relaxing vibe! :-)


Thanks for trying it out! Oh this is a weird bug with Unity if you have a controller plugged in or some sort of controller emulator, sometimes even midi devices can trigger it,  so unplugging the different devices might solve it!  Working on a patch on my end to workaround this problem, but no eta yet :)


I found this little virtual trip very relaxing and at the same time I was confused that I seem to be the only passenger in this train compartment while the others are filled with people. This has somehow led to a strange tension, so that I could to create my own narrative about it. That was really interesting. :) That's why I included this jam game in our compilation article about the PROCJAM and also featured it in the related video. <3 I hope you continue to make such atmospheric experiences!

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for featuring Nightline! I'm releasing a new atmospheric experience this week that I think you'll enjoy :)


Thank you :)

no problem