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Fun Demo, Cant wait to see more.



hi, big thx for the cool weird demo :) greetings from germany

Thank you! :)


Loved the retro vhs style of the game very cool trippy experience

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)


What an interesting and creepy experience! Absolutely loved the intro and the atmosphere! Great work, looking forward to more! 

:) Thank you!!


Hey I met you, this game is awesome. COME BACK TO SEATTLE

Wait really?! Haha I'd love to and will soon, but the rent was expensive! lol


Enjoyed this tutti fruti experience A LOT! 

Thanks for the fun :)

Thanks for playing and the video! Tutti fruti experience :)



Thanks for playing :)

Hi colorfiction,

Just tried the demo. I can tell there was a lot of work done on the atmosphere, great job! The audio work is also nice so far, keep it up! I could maybe recommend a delay in frequency with the cricket noise when you come out of the trolley. The colors and effects are solid. Sometimes you can see out of world, but the screen distortions generally hide it. 

The path was mostly intuitive regardless of the world warping, although I couldn’t find my way after the Eclipse. After searching in circle for a couple of minutes I gave up as the visibility is also very poor and I had no way to know if it was the end of the demo. Not necessarily handholding, but a little more guidance at this step may be beneficial.

Love your style, I’ll go see more. Followed : )

Thank you! Yes that part after the eclipse is a really confusing maze that you have to navigate in search of an exit. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback :)

I liked this because it was a bit different, really trippy 😂

Haha thanks! Glad you liked it :)


awesome game like it a lot and hope to see more and more games from you in the future!!


Thank you! You should check out my past games if you digged this :)

your welcome and ya i will check them out!!


I like the concept is nice, specially the art style of the game :) 100/100

Thank you :)

The game looks fantastic. As far as story goes i have no idea what happened xD

Thank you so much, glad you liked it :)


A relaxing horror game?

I'm really really looking forward for this game.

The concept is nice, specially the art style of the game.

Thank you! :)

The game looks great and it has the nice atmosphere. Not much to add beyond the fact that it has that sense of weirdness.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for playing :)


Looking very good, as I said in the video, love the VHS look to it and the kinda weirdness of it all hope to see and play a full game, nice job colorfiction!


Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it :)

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing :)


While I have loved everything you've done, I think this takes the cake. It's aesthetic is something that really speaks to me, really scratches and itch that no other developer scratches. I have no complaints - when I felt lost, it felt great to feel lost. When I found my way, I felt like I accomplished something. I really want to know more about this world and am looking forward to the future and more of your work. <3


Thanks so much Jordan :) This really means a lot, was a bit worried some of the get lost sequences were confusing but glad to hear they worked out! Thanks for making the video ;)

🎀 A GLITCHY VHS TAPE ACID TRIP! | Ode to a Moon Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Glad you enjoyed the experience and thanks for the video :)

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very reminiscent of Lynch's Lost Highway!

love the feel and atmosphere, graphics are amazing as always, as expected for colorfiction's work.

Thank you! Ooh Lost highway is a huge inspiration :)


I loved this! It was so pretty

Thank you so much! Loved the video!


(Full Gameplay). Played this game early development of this game is great waiting for the full release. I hope there will be more scary stuff :) 5/5

Thank you so much for the video! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

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