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Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing :)


While I have loved everything you've done, I think this takes the cake. It's aesthetic is something that really speaks to me, really scratches and itch that no other developer scratches. I have no complaints - when I felt lost, it felt great to feel lost. When I found my way, I felt like I accomplished something. I really want to know more about this world and am looking forward to the future and more of your work. <3


Thanks so much Jordan :) This really means a lot, was a bit worried some of the get lost sequences were confusing but glad to hear they worked out! Thanks for making the video ;)

🎀 A GLITCHY VHS TAPE ACID TRIP! | Ode to a Moon Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Glad you enjoyed the experience and thanks for the video :)

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very reminiscent of Lynch's Lost Highway!

love the feel and atmosphere, graphics are amazing as always, as expected for colorfiction's work.

Thank you! Ooh Lost highway is a huge inspiration :)


I loved this! It was so pretty

Thank you so much! Loved the video!


(Full Gameplay). Played this game early development of this game is great waiting for the full release. I hope there will be more scary stuff :) 5/5

Thank you so much for the video! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

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