Becalm v4 is here with big changes :)

Hey All, hope the sailing adventure has been serendipitous!

It's the onset of Fall/Spring and the 1.4 update to Becalm is here :) Which brings the following major improvements:

  • Surround - 3D Positional Sound: The entire soundtrack was carefully remastered and separated into individual audio sources that surround the player, perfectly emulating the calm sea vibes.

  • Controller Support: You can now use Becalm on the Big Screen at ease, the entire experience can be controlled by Xbox or Playstation controllers.

  • Options Menu: Control the Sound volume, change the resolution, graphics quality and windowed mode.

  • + Many performance improvements!

A very special thanks to Eric Lorenz for doing such an amazing work remastering the audio and making this surround sound edition possible!

Full Patch Notes, Becalm v1.4 (itchio):

  • Added Options menu with resolution change dialog, volume slider, graphics quality options.
  • Added Full controller support and navigation.
  • Enabled Vsync.
  • Restructuring of entire audio backend and remastering of soundtrack for positional audio update.
  • Optimized Day - Night cycle, performance, and post processing on 'Beach' biome.
  • Added moving volumetric fog to 'Bamboo' biome.
  • Hundreds of quality of life changes.


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Oct 19, 2019

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